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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Painting a cake

Outlining the leaf

Shading the leaf

Finishing touch


Here's Allan painting a cake. He was in the process of actually in the process of shading the feather to give it depth and form.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Testing continues. We've found our white chocolate. Gosh, it was a chore. The cake above is close to what it will finally look like. Let's call this one, "final draft."

Had to hunt and research about what white chocolate is made of...learnt a lot though.

Learnt that not all White chocolate is created equal. Basically, the white chocolate in places like TMC, Giant, et al are very very inferior makes. They contain lecithin as stabilisers and other vegetable oils. Vanillin (vanilla to you and me) and NO cocoa butter which gives it that delicate white chocolate taste. Also, too much oil and you get this oily, filmy feel in your mouth.

The upshot is we had to settle for this White Chocolate from this supplier which is beaucoup expensive, but gives a GREAT white chocolate flavour...especially when mixed with a citrus or fruit liqeur.

Now that we've figured out the alcoholic one, we've got to see what we can do with a NON-alcoholic version which will probably be the default one offered. Thinking Orange or lemon zest or a combination of the two. Yum!

POSSIBLE name of the new Cake - RESURRECTION! The sequel to the DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Testing Testing - White Chocolate cakes & desserts

We're in the throes of testing what we can do with White Chocolate.

White Chocolate Mousses, Cheesecakes, Rich, sinful, White Chocolate Cakes layered with Dark Chocolate. You name it, we're having a look at the gamut of things that we can do with White Chocolate.

One recipe calls for Tuaca! What's THAT? (Turns out its an "Italian liqueur flavored with vanilla and citrus").

Anyway, stay tuned. We'll share our findings with all of you soon enough! ;-)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How time flies - Christmas

Deepavali and Raya were very busy. Thank you to all our fantastic and loyal customers who supported us. We hope that you enjoyed all the goodies.

This year, there's actually a slight break between the holidays. By that I mean another month and a half to go before Christmas.

So watch this space, we're going to be putting together something for Christmas too. This will include Stollens, Sugee Fruit Cakes with Brandy, and Rich Fruit Cakes with Brandy.

Call us if you have any burning questions you need answered.

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