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Monday, June 30, 2008

Baking Classes - Soft Bread Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls & Orange Twists


Click on the flyer for details of 19 July 2008 Baking Classes.
Preregistration required.

Please call 03-22879866.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Baking Classes - Baking By Flavour


Allan and I were accidental bakers. We learnt through our mothers’, attending classes like this, through other chefs, and especially through journals, books, and an unrelenting curiosity to answer questions to do with baking. With our baking classes we hope to share our passion for baking and everything attendant to it. There is a science to baking that, when understood, makes things easily replicatable; basic techniques that can be applied accross the board with whatever you choose to make. We will also encourage you to think out of the box about flavours and hopefully impress upon you that the most important tool is your tongue! Along the way, we’ll have a few laughs, enjoy some yummy food, and learn a thing or three about cakes and desserts.

Butter, Flour, Sugar, Eggs (Part 1 – Yes, there will be a Part 2)rosemary_butter.jpg

4 basic ingredients; golden, fragrant butter, quality milled flour, sugar and sunny eggs all combine to make one of the most basic but versatile and luscious cakes ever. With these basic 4 ingredients you can mix and match and use various techniques to get entirely different results. No chemical rising agents like baking powder or baking soda. This class will teach you some basic techniques such as the creaming method and a French Meringue as well 2 mother recipes and 3 variations;

Traditional Light Butter Cake
Traditional Rich Butter Cake

Rosemary Butter
Cheddar Butter
Bacon & Eggs

Included in the price; Recipe Packet, Instruction, Tea, Tasting

Sat 14 June 2008 3 to 5 Wed 18 June 2008 930 to 1130 RM120

DSC_0036.JPG Chilled Coconut Souffle , Rich Chocolate Mousse & Meringue Fingers

Light as air, chilled Coconut Souffle, & rich, dark, Chocolate Mousse captivate the attention like no other dessert. Easily made and even more easily served as an opulent dessert, Chilled Souffles and Rich Mousses are a must in a dessert repertoire. This class will also show you how to make an easy French meringue that you can add for texture and aesthetics.

We will also discuss various types of chocolate and there will be a tasting session of various grades of chocolate.

Chilled Coconut Souffle with Gula Melaka decorated with Meringue Fingers
Dark Chocolate Mousse

Chilled Ginger Souffle
Dark Chocolate Mousse with liquer (Crème De Menthe, Cointreau/Grand Marnier)

Included in the price; Recipe Packet, Instruction, Tea, Tasting

Sat 28 June 2008 3 to 5 Wed 2 July 2008 930 to 1130 RM130

Call us on 03-22879866 to register. :-)

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