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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Quite a few people have been asking me why I have not updated our blog. I'm afraid that as organisation goes, I'm not very good about arranging what I do when I do it. As such, I've made it a point to update this blog at least 3 times a week. We're getting loads on interesting projects and cakes to make and here are some of the more interesting ones.

Flamenco Dancer with Birthday Boy

Roman Mosaic- Something which I feel is one of Allan's best works. He assembled the entire mosaic (shading and all) from little pieces of sugar mosaic, grouted it with sugar paste and then aged it by gently rubbing it.

The naughty bits have been smudged out! ;-)

A 40th birthday cake!

A zoo/menagerie for a 2 year old

A First Holy Communion cake for a young Catholic boy

A CD Jelly Bag

Fresh Roses with the couple in caricature on top

Diamantes and Swarovski Crystals

The batik design of the indigineous tribes of Borneo - the design was from the wedding card, designed by the bride's father

A corporate party decor

And at night... :-)



Fantastic. Love your work. Do you have any images of your wedding cakes? Will need to pay you guys a visit when I come home for the holidays later this year!


hey where was this corporate party place?
do you kno any bungalow for rent for a whole day?

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hi Deusvenia, the corporate party was in Royal Selangor Golf CLub by the pool. :-) Thanks for visiting. :-)

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