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Friday, March 23, 2007

Designer Handbag

It's been a busy week, hence the dearth of updates. After this one there will be a mega update of cakes and decor as well.

We've done a few of these. The gorgeous young lady whose birthday it was requested this particular design. The original costs a pretty penny, let me tell you. But we hope they got value out of this one. It's one instance of being able to have your cake and eat it too.

One thing that Allan takes pride in is his detailing. The overall design is lovely but what I personally find amazing is the specifics. If you have a look at the closeup above, the zip, the stitching, and the buckles are mimicked very well.


Lyrical Lemongrass

Gorgeous!! Certainly looks too good to eat! Can't wait to see your cakes for real. :-)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

LL; Thanks for the compliment. Drop on by.


waohhh I want a Coach bag!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Caaan teckiee. Get me a design! ;-)



Gosh, that looks good and I like the little Malaysia Boleh sign too.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Boo; Thanks much. :-)

Precious Pea

Wow....very nice!!! How about doggie shape cake?

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hey PP; Done Doggie cakes. Done a Shih Tzu but I can't seem to find the pic. ;-)

So in a word. Yes!

Precious Pea

YOU DO???? So if i give you my Pea's picture to do a shih tsu cake, shouldn't be a problem? Pea's birthday is coming soon!!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

PP; Not a problem. Give us a call on 03-22879866. For the pic can email me at nigel@justheavenly.biz


omg, a prada birthday cake! awesome.... should really hint my bf to get me one for my next birthday! :D

Precious Pea

Thanks...will give you a call when i want my order.

meiyen: You mean you want the prada cake or the real prada bag??

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

pp; no worries...ya meiyen, the real prada bag from what I hear is a real steal...only RM10,000. Compared to Hermes bags, a real bargain. ;-)

Melting Wok

i'm confused lah people, bag or cake ? v/detailed hand work, kudos ! :) Would b too preety for me to eat it.
p/s: hey, have added u in my links, could u both kindly remove the blogspot.com and just www.meltingwok.com, thx :)


preciouspea, of course da prada cake.. ;)


awesome!! u guys employing ? :D


thanks for visiting my food blog! i'm very excited to see that you are pursuing your passion in business. i will link to you...

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

meiyen; wahhh very pc lor ;-)

swee; hold that thought. we are looking at expanding ;-) hehe But thanks for asking.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

meltingwok; thanks for compliments. Coming from you, its an honour. Have also updated your link.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Genevieve; thanks so much. :-)


hey guys...i haven't been to your blog in ages and suddenly, there's this whole delectable list of updates for me to savour...=) your cakes are gorgeous as usual, though i shouldn't give eric the website address lest he takes the easy way out when i ask for a designer bag...*grin*


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hey Soo Yin LTNS. :-) Good to hear from you again. Give us a buzz. :-)


hello, this has nothing to do with the bag...though its so Amazing as you probably know:P i hope you can help me with this i was wondering if you can give me the recipe of the "ICING" on top of cakes and cookies! and the recipe for the cover (the colored covers on cakes) and the recipe for the thing from wich we can mold persons and decorative animals on top of cakes...something easy:) i dont know if you can help!


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

envy, give me your email address. The recipes can be quite long. Not difficult. Just some explanation required.

email me on nigelskelchy@yahoo.com and...what do I call you? ;-)



OMG! U guys are genius!!! Wonder how much is that cake? Must pay u guys a visit one day!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hey Jackson; Thanks for stopping by.

Come come.


Wow good blog:), I'm also very interested to have designer hand bags. I want to buy new designer handbag on this Christmas. So i went through http://www.malibuvogue.com for online shopping. Now i need some more suggestions. Please help.


The handbag looks cute indeed!I soooo want it!!

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