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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just Heavenly Pleasures in G1.05 and 1.06, Epicure, 1 Jalan Medan Setia 1, Damansara

Where to begin, where to begin?

Friday, 11 May 2007 marks the next step in a journey begun 6 and a half years ago in 2001. With some seed capital, Allan and I decided, with the help of our families, and more importantly, by God's Grace, to start a business Designing Dreams and Serving Pleasure.

Coming from families who have always enjoyed good company and good food, we decided to make Just Heavenly an honest to goodness Malaysian company that served foodstuff that would make people purr with pleasure. Hence, Serving Pleasure. We don't claim to be experts about every facet of food, but where desserts are concerned we feel we have created a range which comes up to the mark. We basically put on the menu what we (meaning us and our families) enjoy eating.

More than that, we've tried to package it in a way that extends that pleasure into an experience. From the way we answer our phone calls, to greeting guests at our place in Bangsar, to the decorative packaging that allows a customer to give our food items as gifts, to the design of the cakes themselves. After all, we "eat with our eyes first."

I would be the first to admit that we don't always come up to the ideal we've set up above but all of us at Just Heavenly believe that the process of growth is as important as the result of that journey. Meaning, that if we make mistakes we apologise and make amends, we encourage all our customers to talk to us to tell what they would like so that we can then tweak what we do to please them. We also know that we can't be all things to everyone so we do our best in what we have chosen to focus on. We believe that is the key to ensuring that our customers are happy.

Just Heavenly Pleasures was created primarily to make it more convenient for people to pick up desserts and for us to begin showcasing individual cakes and desserts. Smaller servings, smaller cakes. If you're having a dinner party, or you want a gift with a Just Heavenly interpretation, or just because your taste buds feel like dancing a tango, in all likelihood will find your questions answered at Just Heavenly Pleasures.

Friday is the beginning of our trial run which we are planning to run for a week before we do a soft opening. The entire range of planned products for Just Heavenly Pleasures will not be on display yet on Friday but we hope you'll bear with us. We ask for your understanding because we need to ensure that the logistics are working as we would like them to.

Here are some pictures of the shop as it stands. This picture was taken on Monday.



CONGRATULATIONS!! If I am in KL I'll be one of the first to visit.


Congrats you guys on this wonderful journey you've embarked on! Can't wait to step foot in it..literally...


Congratulations on the new opening of Designing Dreams, Serving Pleasure!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

umami; thanks dear

kazza; thanks kazza looking fwd to seeing you walk to the shop from Bangsar. ;-)

Jason; thanks, drop by next time you're in town.

Dr ve Thru

Hopped over from wmw's blog to congratulate you guys. The pictures in wmw's blog is ever so tempting and makes one drool.

Should I visit Malaysia, I would endeavour to walk into Just Heavenly to purchase those 'heavenly' cakes!


"Joe" who is constantly craving

congrats!..so this is ur 2nd outlet already? wow..time to order my birthday cakes here!


Congrats on the new place! Will definitely drop by this coming week. The cakes look so good.


congratulations, nigel & allan, for the next step forward.


Guys, congrats! Am so happy for you...=) Will definitely be dropping by soon (together with Eric and my camera!)...



Congratulations!!! ok must do this. look for boo's email with the instruction to get to bkt damansara. kind of bad at remembering roads. got to bring my friends there. see you soon!!


Just want to say many congrats on your new venture and here's wishing you both all the very very best. I hope that I'll be able to visit your shop in person one day .... ermm... soon lol. Alice x

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Dr ve Thru; Thanks veyr much for dropping by and I'm thoroughly grateful to wmw for being so generous with her praise and her critique.

Joe; Caaan. Come. Yes our 2nd outlet.

Boo; Thanks boo. Come. Hope they live up to your expectations.

babe; thanks. Hope to see you soon at Ninja. ;-)

SY; Thanks much. And thanks so much for the Kwai Ling Ko. That was soo sweet of you.

Looking fwd to seeing you and Eric.

Teckiee; Thanks much lah

Alice; When you kambing back home lah? Come!


Congratulations, I will definitely go there when I come home.


hey allan and nigel, came over from wmw's blog after reading her post on your cakes..simply breathtaking and tempting! congratulations and i'm sure i'll pop over soon to try those cakes!


congratS!!!! so... when can we drop by? ;)


Just would like to congratulate on your new opening. I saw wmw blog and she posted pictures of all those good looking cakes which makes me drool. Looks really yummy. I will definitely drop by and try those cakes. Keep it up.

Precious Pea

Congratulation to you both. I will drop by very soon especially after drooling at wmw's blog.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

firehorse; thanks so much looking fwd to your visit. Please identify yourself when you come by. Better yet. Email me at justheavenly.my@gmail.com with your name. If you wish to send a pic so I'll know who to look for, pls do so too. Omigosh. This is sounding like a dating website. ;-)

sc, Thanks and we do owe a debt of gratitude to wmw :-)

Meiyen; Drop by anytime Monday to Sat 11am to 6pm. By End June we're looking at 11am to 9pm. Thanks ya. :-)

Precious; muchos gracias.Come with wmw :-)


A little late in coming. My apologies :) Congratulations! I may just pop by for tea some time soon.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

unkaleong, no worries man. Do come by. Can sit in Chef & Brew and have one of our cakes/desserts. ;-)

Bring Wendy.


haha....realised that I didn't drop a congratulatory note here in your post! hee hee...So, here it is, CONGRATULATIONS. I congratulated you in my post but forgot to do it here!


Nigel & Allan. Congratulations! Meena just drop by my place and presented me with your chocolate durian and cake. I was totally impress with the presentation let alone the flavour on the cakes.

If there's a soft launch party at your new shop. U knowlah.. :)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

ra; thanks man...that's really sweet of you ;-) And yes, we will be doing a launch but we're going straight into the launch itself rather than bother with soft launch and full launch ;-) Keep you calendar free end June ;-)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

cutie; just noticed your comment. Thanks very much and do drop by. :-)

Precious Pea

Allan & Nigel,

Really love your cakes, totally enjoyed savouring the chocolate durian. Just blogged about it..and really looking forward to dropping by again soon.

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