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Monday, June 04, 2007

Humility & Gratitude

In the first month of our new retail outlet we met angels. Literally.

People from food blogs. People who have walked off the street and who have taken our cards to distribute. Relatives and friends who have sent out smses.

Where food bloggers are concerned, and I know that there have been quite a few - you know who you are - who have tried our stuff and written about us in amazing detail and with photos on top of it. Because of the nature of the internet I am not certain I would be able to list all the ones who have actually carried our story and tried our products. The ones that I know of are as follows;

Masak Masak
Living in Food Heaven
Precious Pea
You get what you give...sometimes
A Whiff of Lemongrass
Lots of Cravings

It is every baker's dream when they start up a bake shop to have people eat and enjoy what they make. From the smallest crumb to the most elaborate dessert, the sense of fulfillment, and of purpose pervades every gram of flour measured out, every egg cracked into the mixing bowl, and every block of butter, softened to just the right temperature for creaming.

Our merry band in Just Heavenly has never been busier, thanks to all of you, our customers who have in a large part become close friends as well. And while the band of brothers and sisters in the production kitchen have been working hard to produce the (we hope) delectable morsels that are sold everyday, the spirit of the group has never been higher.

It is what drives us to produce cakes like these;


One thing Allan and I do is, at times, take a step back and appreciate the fact that we've been blessed with everyone who has supported us. So easy to let that slide by. At the end of the day, all of you, our supporters, are our lifeblood. You are what keeps this company going. You are what we do all this for. And when all is said and done, our passion derives from the fact that you are happy.

When Allan and I started this business, we never, in our wildest dreams, dreamt that people would take to our cakes and desserts the way you have. We've got rather varied tastes and there have been cakes and things we've done that haven't hit it off although we've loved them. It just goes to show that while we do try and please as many as possible, it is still not possible to be all things to all people.

At this point though, we are pleased to strive to be the best we can be for those who derive pleasure from what we do. At points in the future, with an expansion of goodies and desserts and styles who knows?

In any case, whatever it is, we owe what we have today to all of you. Thank you ever so much. Rest assured that we will do all that is in our power to continue Designing Dreams and Serving Pleasure.



O_o oh my god... looks like a traditional chinese wedding cake to me!!!!!!! and... it's so soooo beautiful!!!! wow oh wow....... how much it costs may i know? :)


ohhh migoodness!!!! the phoenix and dragon looked so awesome, made me wanna have another wedding reception :p and imagining myself wearing a kua which i never did wore one back then and hubby in his equivalent! LOL

anyway, congrats on your opening again and i must be the last of the flogger to ever come by to pick the durian choc :(

Lyrical Lemongrass

*Taking out hanky and blowing nose*

So touching. You guys are the greatest, though. It's not only your cakes that makes me keep coming back. ;-)


Don't mention it. Thanks to Just Heavenly Plesures for delivering! "Feeling lonely? Go on....have a Choc Durian, only at JHP"

"Feeling frustrated? Chomp on a Choc Cheese, only at JHP"

HHP - Delivering Pleasures whenever!


"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahaha..hey its ok mate.. i think getting some free publicity is one thing..but to get ppl coming back, it depends on you guys.. great work..and really..if there were more complaints, i would complain to you..but i virtually got none so to speak..keep up the good work and keep dishing out all those goodies..


Omg...the detail on that cake is absolutely gorgeous!

Once again, congrats on your opening. And I agree with Lyrical Lemongrass, your cakes are not the only reason why we come back (thought it's a very very good reason...*grin*)...the charm and friendliness of the JH duo makes us feel so welcomed!=) -sooyin-

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Meiyen; this cake took a lot of work. It was a 10" round cake and the sugar work took a long time. The gold is a non - toxic food powder coloour imported from Australia. It cost RM1,200

babe-kl; the inspiration for the cake was from a kua. ;-) my mum's actually. 3 D like the kua. ;-) Thanks for the congrats. ;-)

Come. :-)

LL; you such a sentimental softie. ;-) But truly you guys really touched me with your generosity of spirit and your warmth. Thank you.

wmw; aiyo. Thanks so much lah darling. Much appreciated mui mui. Enjoy the demotion in rank. NOw you not the oldest amongst all the young cikus anymore.

Joe; You're so right! That's why I feel its a responsibility to ensure that we get things right most of the time. Listen to you chaps cos you guys are sort of like my focus group. Keep us on track ya! ;-) Thanks again.

Sooyin; thanks dear. Need to be able to pass the torch on so will train the next person who looks after pleasures to be just as warm. But you are so right. No one ever goes somewhere just for the food anymore. Even a trek out to Klang for Bak Kut Teh includes an element of adventure and out of the ordinariness.

Thanks to you and Eric and I'm so glad we've stayed in touch! You guys pretty much personified what we wanted to do with clients who came to us. We wanted to do the best we could and make good friends along the way. Thanks lah dear.


Nigel, thanks so much for your recommendations when we visited last Sat. We simply adore the cream caramel and banana cream pie. Too bad we missed out on the most talked about - chocolate durian!! Definitely must pay another visit soon! - Chloe & Samson


This cake would sell 10 times its price in Hong Kong... this is way way to beautiful to be eaten.


Hey Nigel. It was nice meeting you today. Your cakes are gloriously and sinfully delicious. Can't wait for your new creations, I'm sure it will be just as good if not better. (I'm not a food blogger, but thanks to the others for creating the awareness for JHP) :-)

Big Boys Oven

Cool Mate, that looks so gorgeous!!! A thumbs up for you. A++ Great skills and great details!
Well done mate, we need locals like these in KL.



Wow on d design & price.
babe_kl, u are not qualify to claim last as I still have not been there yet. *sobs*

Rasa Malaysia

OMG, that is a cake? Wow, I was thinking why you posted 3 pictuers of dragon and phoenix on some sort of red "velvety" cloth thingy and then I read that you guys produced cake like this. Bow down bow down...truly a piece of art!

And WOW, again!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Chloe; Thanks so much for dropping by. :-) Choc durian available this weekend. ;-)

teckiee; thanks so much dear.

izad; Thanks much man. Glad you enjoyed it.

Big Boys Oven; Thanks. We owe it to our team in the kitchen for their hard work and dedication.

Tummy; Its ok. we plan to be here for some time. As for price, the number of house spent on that cake would have been what a wedding designer spent on beading a wedding dress. Lots. Hence the price. Which by the way, is actualy good value. Ask Shang how much they charge for something similar. ;-)

Rasa; Thanks so much. Again, it's due to our team in the kitchen. Thank you though. I will pass on your congrats to them as well. :-)

Precious Pea

WOW! Absolutely amazing. Got a name for this cake? The Dragon and Phoenix is like dancing! AMAZING!


*Tongue sticking out, jaw dropped on the floor*


Hey guys, so so beautiful - it looks like my kua - too bad i alredy married or i would have it again! What was on the inside? If anyone asks me about cake in Damansara - it'll be JHP all the way!


Congratulations and you guys deserve every bit of it. Your cakes are truly a work of art. This beautiful dragon and phoenix is a perfect example. Thanks for making the exquisite nyonya tiffin/basket for sis' 40th couple of years back. It was so beautiful, we didn't want to eat it!


Oh my goodness, is that fondant? That's really amazing.

Congratulations on your new place... love the execution of the concept. Must pop by soon!

We've been dabbling in fondant for some time now, with equal amounts of hits and misses. Would be great if we could have a chat with you guys on this one day...I'm running out of hair to tear out!!! :)

Once again, congratulations...it's always so nice to see people who clearly have so much passion for what they do, live out their dreams!

Kenny Mah

Amazing is right. Can't wait to finally drop by your shop/bakery. My three Fairy Blogmistresses (Lyrical Lemongrass, spiffy & Msiagirl) went last month, the day of my moving to a new apartment, and got me a taste of your fares... to die for! *grins silly high heaven grin*

Catcharound! :D

Kenny Mah

That is Art. So lovingly crafted and gorgeous to look at. When you guys say designer cakes, you guys mean designer cakes! ;)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

Hey Precious; Dragon & Phoenix Dance! How's that for a name? ;-)

Jason;*Picks up his jaw and closes mouth but not before gently easing his tongue back into his mouth with gloved hands...*

msiagirl;Yeah msiagirl, modeled after my Mum's Kua which was 3D like the cake.

Paprika;Don't mention it dear. Am glad you mentioned Tiffin Basket. It's got pride of place in our photo album. ;-)

Happybelly; yes it is. Keep at it guys. And just treat fondant like any other artistic material. Clay, putty, and treat yourself as sculptors. Get books on sculpting. ;-)

Thanks for the congrats.

Kenny Mah; Thanks lah Kenny. :-) Much appreciated your kind words are. Channelling Yoda! ;-) As for Art, well...we need to keep on goin' and improving! But thanks again.


SUPER gorgeous!!! Pooi fook pooi fook!!!


Nigel, LL's right..it's not just your cakes that make us(or me) keep going back and recommending your cakes to everyone i noe. It's the hospitality, friendliness and warmth that u gave me when i went over to collect my cake. and your cakes, i must day..they're really Just Heavenly! ^_^

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