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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Official Launch of Just Heavenly Pleasures

It's been a fun and exciting year. So much has happened.

With the tagline "Serving Pleasure" Just Heavenly Pleasures was launched on 23 June 2007.


It is with a cup overflowing with gratitude to family and friends and a mixture of relief and gratification that accompanied the AFTERMATH of the day. About 100 people attended the event which was held in the foyer of Epicure in front of Chef & Brew.


Chef & Brew were very supportive and basically they gave us a menu and coffee & tea which complemented our desserts.

The day started as days like these do; in a rush. Aunty Yong, Allan's aunty who runs Croppes, and who is now officially our business partner, along with her elder sister Aunty Bee, more familiar to us as Allan's Mum, or just plain Mum, came along to help with set up.


Our new girl Babes was also in attendance and methinks she was quite exhausted at the end of the day. And rightly so. Without her, our counter would not have run as smoothly. We are thankful to her.


Key Lime Tarts were a hot favourite and we are trying to find a way to bring that to market. It is always a matter of taking the time to test out everything about a dessert or cake before we put it on the shelf. Most important is taste of course but after that there are a whole host of practical concerns, like shelf life, look, and texture. "Pleasure" can be a lot of hard work! ;-)

Something that always moves very quickly off the shelves is our profiteroles. A twist on Cream puffs. Instead of plain sweetened cream, we use an enriched vanilla custard for the filling. And it's always filled to bursting.







Besides cakes and desserts we are also selling flowers in the form of hand bouquets and arrangements. For more elaborate arrangements, you can call us to arrange for delivery.

We also have jams, cookies, and gifts. Corporate or personal. For any occasion. And especially for the festive season; Deepavali, Raya, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Allan and I are also very grateful and thankful to our boys and girls who work very hard in the kitchen to produce everything we ask of them. They are supportive, loyal, and never shirk. We are very, very fortunate to have all of them on board. Thank you (in alphabetical order) Albert, Babes, Kak Kris, Kok Wai, Shin Yei, Swee San, and last but certainly not least, Yoke Mun.

Just Heavenly Pleasures
G1.05 & G. 1.06 Epicure
Jalan Medan Setia 1
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur

03-22879866 (our Bangsar number)

Opening times; 11am till 9pm (from 23rd June till further notice - we are presently testing those hours until mid July when a reassessment will take place to ensure that these are commercially viable times for that area. We hope all of you will bear with us while we work this out. Thanks so much in anticipation of your understanding).



We all enjoy the lauch and thx for the invitations..


Congrats once again....wishing you and Allan great success which in turn will be endless pleasures for us! ;o)

Precious Pea

That picture of the mini choc cheese...perfect for desktop wallpaper!


Congratulations again to JHP :)


Oh great, open till 9! Will be able to drop by after work then to pick up more butterscotches!


congrats to you guys! gonna drop by soon.. and it's good to hear that jhp gonna open till 9pm! :D


i think until 9 is a more business feasible hour...


Many congrats guys! By the way, can I put a link to this blog on my blog (once I figure out how to do so)?


I couldn't find the place lah. Any map for guidance?

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

jason. Thanks :-)

Janvier; testing only. Don't get too happy yet. Decision to be made next week. 9pm is a possibility but testing hasn't convinced me.

zewt; Thanks for opinion. See above! hehe ;-)

Alice; sure. Please do.

Reena; Have been meaning to do that. Get's lost in the mix with everything else. Will get it done soonest. Thanks for the tip.


hey guys, congrats! and happy birthday to you, nigel! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving

hey nigel&allan.. have you guys changed your opening hours d?? a fren of mine dropped by yesterday, disappointed at 8pm..haha let me know..if not i m going to get frens coming after me hehehe

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